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Sighisoara, Str. Libertatii 41
Romania, jud Mures
+40 265 772 486
+40 722 490 003
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In the hope that what you`ve seen and read convinced you to pick us, we would like to present you with some of our customers:

-         Public personalities: Ioan Gyuri Pascu, and his band, the vocalist Gia, Bands such as Blackbeers, Voltaj and Impact.

-         We also are a good location for persons who are just transiting Sighisoara that is why many companies have their emplyees live with us.

-         We had lots of pupils groups stay over with us sience we have the best prices in town. The groups have been comming here from cities like Cluj-Napoca, Ploiesti, Bacau Bucharest, Slobozia, Galati etc. Having us to organise events such as Graduation prom, or for different sports events.

-         We had contracts with public instutions like the ministry of education and the university of geology in Bucharest who have been sending students over here to do several geological researches during a study of about a month.

-         We also have contracts with companies who do construction and other works in sighisoara, companies like Monolit form Cluj-Napoca, Rompetrol, and the Romanian Railway group, Imsat (working on waterpipes) Marcora and Eurologistica (construction Works) AlfaClima (industrial instalations) Dafora (construction works) Geosond (oil digging).

-         We mostly work with foreign tourists (80-85%) who stay with us about a day or two, but we know that our location might be the place wich many romanian tuourists might as well want to visit (for more reasons) and that is why we hope to have pusuaded you to choose us. We are waiting formward to see your impressions in our guestbook in Hotel Gia.
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